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Blue Voice

For three sisters, miniature horse does more than just look cute (5/4/05)
Dolphins may 'talk' one-on-one.

Amazing! Bill Northern Correct About Fusaichi Pegasus' Right Front Foot




Dolphin Facilitated Healing Articles is an awesome collection of 35 articles about dolphin facilitated healing.

The Devine Dolphin

The Wave of the Future

The Dolphin Circle
Dancing Dolphin Press

Universal Dolphin Awareness Center

The Spirit of the Dolphin

Swimming with Dolphin in the Wild

Key West Dolphin, Bird & Snorkeling Tours has lots of links to places to swim with, or observe, dolphins in the wild.

Dolphin Encounter: Kaikoura New Zealand Newmans Holidays New Zealand - Dolphin Encounters
At Nekton Diving Cruises "the Bahamas Adventure roams from Bimini to north of Grand Bahama Island. This trip covers a huge variety of diving from reefs to wrecks to snorkeling with wild Spotted Dolphins."

Bill & Nowdla Keefe's
BIMINI UNDERSEA offers these unique "Dolphin Excursions" 2-3 times weekly (per demand) aboard the Dive Vessels "Delphine" and "Adventurer."

Want to swim with the dolphins or find programs where they are helping with healing people? Then check out The Dolphin Circle, based in the Seattle, Washington area. "There are many links on the page guiding you to dolphin facilitated therapy sites." "Our special focus is on the influence the dolphins may have on emotional and physical healing."

Or check out
The Thrifty Traveler. It "is a monthly newsletter which offers money-stretching hints and resources for every traveler." On this page you will find out that "The Southampton Princess, in partnership with Dolphin Quest, has created a home for seven bottlenose dolphins and their visiting human friends." Call Princess Hotels at: 1-800-223-1818.


Sonya Fitzpatrick

Amelia Kinkade

Asia Voight

Animal Voices

Marta Williams
Raphaela Pope of Salem, Oregon

Martha Norwalk's Animal World


List of Interspecies Telepathic Communicators
Interspecies Communication Inc. involves itself in playing in a band where half the band members are human and the other half are not.

Listen to Animal Communicator
Polly Klein of Tonglen Healing Arts for Animals on Contact Radio's Feb. 2003 Archives.

Bill Northern is both a dowser and an animal communicator. You can listen to him speak on the 1/18/02 Jeff Rense's, "Sightings on the Radio" show, by going to archives page.

Research / Project Pages

The Wild Dolphin Project

Dr. John C. Lilly M.D.'s Home Page

The Marine Mammal Page
Cetacean Behavior Laboratory

Atlantic Dolphin Research Cooperative

The Virtual Dolphin Project Web Ring Page


Pathways to Hope: Prison Dog Project Doggie Docs Make The Rounds (5/21/04)
Therapy Dogs, Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Services Links

People may draw more support from furry friends than spouses, human allies

Therapy goes to the dogs: Troubled teens learn to train and trust from canine program

Cesar Millan's Dog Psychology Center - he can be viewed on the National Geographic Channel's Dog Whisperer TV show.

Links Pages

Marine Mammal Information Server
World Animal Net is the world's largest network of animal protection societies.

ANIMAL PEOPLE Online the internet's largest independent news archive on animal issues. 


Learning Their Language by Marta Williams Kinship With All Life, by J. Allen Boone, is a classic in this area.
Journey to the Center of Creation : Entering the World of Dolphins and the Dimensions of Dreamtime by Ilona Selke

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