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2015 New Upcoming Movies 2015 - 11 Official Trailers [HD]

Iron Sky: The Coming Race Teaser TRAILER (2015)

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

2014 New Upcoming Movies 2014 - 17 Official Trailers [HD]

he Secret
- A Review
- Quotes

Secret Source: The Law of Attraction Is One of Seven Ancient Hermetic Laws: Here Are the Other Six  

The Law of Attraction - Beyond The Secret...The Moses Code

American Drug War
- An Interview of Kevin Booth


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Earth Star
Fast Company

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Alltop is an "online magazine rack" of popular topics. that updates the stories every hour. Pick a topic and it retains your visited topics so that only those appear on the main page when you return. 

All the news that's fit to link (8/03/07) - is an excellent article on news aggregators.

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Health Books

Nutrition and Your Mind, the Psychochemical Response by Dr. George Watson

AMERICA FOOLED: The Truth About Antidepressants, Anti-psychotics and How We’ve Been Deceived by Dr. Timothy Scott

The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food

School of Natural Healing by John R. Christopher - is written by the world's most respected herbalist; and is considered the Bible of herbalism.


Phone Dog

America's Greenest Cars: Green Today—Greener Tomorrow? (Business Week)

The 8 most fuel-efficient cars

Holiday Gift Guide 2008: The best entry-level digital SLRs (11/19/08)

D-SLRs: Entry-Level, Midrange, Pro: What’s the difference?

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Comics & Editorial Cartoons is the ultimate links page to funny material.

Stupid Videos
Cartoon Bank
Comedy Central
Comedy Speak
Albino Black Sheep

The Oregonian newspaper says
the Onion is "the funniest Web site and humor magazine to come giggling and snorting down the pike in years".

The Colbert Report

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Life Saver bottle

More Green Technology News...


The Smirking Chimp

Mike Whitney

raig Murray is the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan


Scientists try to stop hunger with retooled foods (10/24/08)

Long-Term Anxiety Eliminated by Simple Diet Change

King Corn - a feature documentary regarding one of the primary reasons Americans get fat

What if it's all a big fat lie (NY Times)

The Dog Diet - Dog Walkers Get Twice as Much Exercise


Fast Food Fact Finder

STUDY: Sugar linked with mental problems (9/28/06)

Food Chart

Top Antioxidant Foods.pdf

More Dietary Links...

Beautiful Island Photos

Tahiti Tourism

More Photo Links...

The Future?

Vision of the End of the World (Sarah Menet, 1979, NDE)


Selected Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports

More Government Links...

Vortexes and Higher Magnetic Areas

Sedona's Energy Vortexes

An Aeromagnetic map of Sedona.pdf - UFO activities have been tied to areas of higher magnetism (page 23)

Welcome to Profound States - brought to you by Positive Change Hypnosis of Woodbridge, Virginia.

Featured Books
Conspiracy Videos
UFO Books
UFO Videos 1, 2, 3

     Free UFO Books
Free Spirit and Healing Books
Free Suppressed Technology Books
Free Consciousness & Remote Viewing Books
     Free Conspiracy, Intelligence, Black Ops and War Books    
     Free Possession, Exorcism and Removing Attached Spirits Books
     Free Hidden History, Hypnotherapy, Reincarnation and Other Books
This proposal, to retire the national debt, MONETARY REFORM ACT, could be used to safely, and very quickly, pay off all of the U.S. deficit; without destabilizing markets. Ask your Congressman about it.

"Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewal of the mind..." -- ROMANS 12:2

          To schedule a session, get a past life regression, a future life progression, find out what it's like between incarnations, on the other side, stop smoking, lose weight, resolve fears and phobias, and much, much more email me.    
           Want a free session or past life regression? It's easy. For every 3 clients that you send, who pay for their sessions, you will get a free session.

Mike Beaver on His Early Days as a Hypnotherapist

Featured News
Expert Investigates 10-Year-Old's 'Reincarnation' Claims (NBC Nightly News: 3/20/2015)
- Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives by Jim B. Tucker, M.D. -- more Reincarnation, After Life, Near Death Studies, Etc. links
Portal (NPR: 2/6/2015) Demon Camp: A Soldier's Exorcism
Scholars discover `UFOs' in Chhattisgarh rock paintings (The Times of India: 7/18/2014)
- UFO Cave Paintings Found in Northeast India (video) - images

76 Americans busted in massive global child porn ring including police officers, teachers and doctors as nearly 400 children are rescued (11/14/13)

Teen Girl Exorcism Squad: Three Arizona Girls Claim to Cast Out Demons (4/5/12)

                                                                                                                                                        More News...
Original Content

My Open Letter To The American People
The World's Problems Are Not Really Problems

My Own Experience with Chem-Trails

My Response to Postings Regarding Stephen Hawkings Recently Released Views on What He Believes as The Probable Malevolent Nature of Extraterrestrials (4/27/10)

Michael Crichton - what few people knew. is my response to America loses its moral technologist: Michael Crichton (11/6/08)

The TRUE Cause of Mental Illness; and Why it Hasn't Been Dealt With Yet. - my response to Are there really 750 million mentally ill? (10/10/08: ZDNET)
Is Time Travel Possible?

Bullying is my response to Why is cyberbullying different? (2/2/10)

My Open Response to the CBS News 60 Minutes Airing of “Mr. Lopez Meets Mr. Ayers

The End of All Deaths from IEDs: My open letter to  MEDCOM Commanding General Russell J. Czerw

The Western Ghost Conference of 6/12/98-6/14/98 held at the haunted town of Skykomish, Washington.
My open letter on bullying to Linda Borg (277-7823) and Alisha A. Pina - (277-7465) in reference to their published articles R.I. educators take on bullies and Rhode Island educators, students tell of the troubles caused by cyberbullying.


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Mind Mentor, the first robot psychologist (3/11/08)

Combine apartment listings with Google map

Broadcast Your Own Radio With Shoutcast

Open Table
- make restaurant reservations the easy way: Find a restaurant » Book online

Take your to-do list online: Web sites are so much better than a scrap of paper (10/21/07)

Family Watch Dog - enter your address and get the names, pictures and addresses of all of the criminals living in your area.

Cleverbot - Chat with a bot about anything and everything - AI learns from people, in context, and imitates.

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People Are Awesome 2014
Awakening As One - "Revelations" Part 1, 2, 3 Gasland

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The Lip
Red Orbit
News Vine
The Drudge Report

New York Daily News
Truth Out
Daily Mail
Yahoo News
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The Intercept                       
Democracy Now             Other News Links...


The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

The Science Behind `Energy Medicine' Is Focus of Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine Special Issue (Business Wire, 3/9/04) - is an article about this journal.
Volume 9, Number: 6 December 2003 Volume 10, Number 5, 2004.pdf

Subtle Energy & Alternative Medicine Research Sites

Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center, the world's largest medicineless hospital


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Democracy Now
World Mysteries
The Orion Project  
Yes magazine
The Voices of Poverty
The Lay Institute: Articles

Featured Articles

Pioneers of Bioenergetics Technologies Build Future for Alternative Research - plasma physics is not only the future of healing, but also of trash removal, mold removal (can you say Katrina?), and many other areas as well. So why not read an article regarding the man that I believe is THE world's leading authority on inventing healing technologies far beyond what Rife did? - Jimmie Holman

Healing with Life Force Energy: The Healing Experience - Reprinted from the Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients by Dr. Morton Walker, is the story of Mitchell May. - "Together, Jack and Mitchell's healing energies restored the life force to Mitchell's wounded body so as to bring about full healing which included the regeneration of new skin, muscle, nerves, organs, and bone." - Mitchell May

MAPS AND ENERGETIC HEALERS: An Interview with Dr. Juan Acosta - he has, through a crystal, connected to some very sophisticated equipment, measured a very distinct, and high amplitude, signal associated with world class healers in the laying on of hands healing process. - Dr. Juan Acosta-Urquidi

Who are the aliens visiting Earth? A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races – A Typology of the Most Significant Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity

Jobs Pages
Indeed is the ONLY true job search engine; it searches all job web sites.

All Job Search allows you to input one job query, then click on most job search engines and receive the response to the one query without re-entering it.

Dice - for information systems professionals no other page compares.
the Monster Board purports to have more job postings than any other site.

The Princeton Review Career Quiz - find out about THE best job for you.

Recruiters & Temporary Agencies

More Jobs Links...

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Other Conspiracy Videos

Alex Jones
Jones Report

Above Top Secret is the world's most visited conspiracy webpage.
Jeff Rense

Information Clearinghouse
What Really Happened

We Are Change
American Free Press
News With Views
Worldnet Daily
News Max
Common Dreams
Wayne Madsen Report

Other Major Conspiracy Pages...

Inside ThinkGeek, Where Mythical Meat Can Make Millions (9/27/10)

On Twitter, Filmmaker Kevin Smith Is a Superstar (2/22/10)

The Future of Money: It’s Flexible, Frictionless and (Almost) Free (2/22/10)

In the Next Industrial Revolution, Atoms Are the New Bits (1/25/10)

King of Cheez: The Internet’s Meme Maestro Turns Junk Into Gold (1/25/10)

Now Playing: Cheap-and-Schlocky Blockbuster Ripoffs (12/21/09)
The FUTURE of Your Money is Here (12/07: Money Magazine)

Peer-to-Peer Lending Offers Solution for Strapped Consumers (10/15/07: Smart Money)

Austin Ventures changes its playbook: Firm branches out as industry tightens. (10/21/07)

McMansions, Chinese style: $5 million for miniature Versailles, complete with maids (10/21/07)

A Reporter Exposes Fishy Stocks. His Boss, Mark Cuban, Trades on the Findings. (9/25/07)

Other Business Links...

Featured People
Rumi (wiki)

Kabir (wiki)

Leonard Susskind (wiki)

Hossein Nasr (wiki)

Tomás de Torquemada (wiki)

15 People With Real Life Superpowers

Manufacturing Consent is a movie about Noam Chomsky. (other videos)

Bill Bean (author of Dark Force)(YouTube)

Though he had no formal training, "Srinavasa Ramanujan is considered, by some, to be the greatest mathematician of all time. He claimed his theorems came to him in his dreams; given to him by a goddess named Namagiri. Even today his theorems are the most advanced form of mathematics, used by physicists, dealing with relativity and quantum mechanics.

Nassim Haramein is the director of research for The Resonance Project. His specialty is black holes. And his research is cutting edge.

Kim Peek, real Rainman - is the man upon which the movie was based; and, is THE most knowledgeable man alive.

Eve Ensler (wiki) is a female activist. If you're into female rights, this is your place to start.

Victor Goddard (wiki)
- UFOs and Significant Voices (Freddy Jackson)

John Jakob Astor was the first multi-millionaire in the United States.
Uri Avnery (wiki)(Democracy Now)(YouTube)

Noam Chomsky (wiki)(YouTube)

The Birdman of Idaho

Joshua Waitzkin (wiki) " the only person to have won the National Primary, Elementary, Junior High School, High School, U.S. Cadet, and U.S. Junior Closed chess championships in his career."

David Wilcock (wiki)

Blase Bonpane (wiki) (videos)

Herbert Nitsch (wiki) " the current freediving world record champion and “the deepest man on earth”."

Daniel Tammet - Memorizing Pi to its 22,514th places

Stephen Wiltshire draws Rome from memory (YouTube Video)

Paul Craig Roberts Archives

Dr. Max Manwaring holds the General Douglas MacArthur Chair and is Professor of Military Strategy at the U.S. Army War College.

World News: David Steindl-rast

Matthew Power (1974-2014)

Yakir Aharonov (wiki)

Jeffrey Meldrum PhD. (wiki) - bigfoot expert

                                       Other Featured People...

Health and Healing
Scientists discover antibody that kills 91 percent of HIV (7/8/10)

Laughter Is Good For Your Heart, According To A New University Of Maryland Medical Center Study (11/17/00: Science Daily)

iExercise, one of six ongoing podcasts offered by Texas Public Radio, is aimed at both the fit and less fit, providing useful information, techniques and inspiration to get fit and stay fit.

Tool: Target heart rate calculator

NRG Television: Season 1 Episode 5 - "All About The Heart "

The Moss Reports: The World's Leading Cancer Treatment Information and Referral Service

Amoeba-related illness causes death of boy, 6 (8/30/06: The Arizona Republic)

Why You Should Avoid Taking V
accines by Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
WHO OWNS YOUR CHILD? by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO.

You Can Stop ‘‘Normal’’ Aging (3/18/07)

Articles by Russell Blaylock, MD

Byron J. Richards, CCN's
Wellness Resources

My open letter to Congress and The American People in Response To a Recent PBS Show Entitled "The Alternative Fix" Regarding Alternative Healing and the NIH.

Dr. Lorraine Day

Morgellon's Data Files (

Morgellons Research Foundation

Morgellons USA

Recognizing a Stroke - reading this simple information may save the life of someone you know

More Health, Fitness and Healing Links...

Mexico's Zone of Silence

Bruce Gernon is the only person in the world to witness what creates the Bermuda Triangle.
Marcahuasi (Peru)

Marcahuasi: Mysteries in Stone Marcahuasi (wiki) IMAGES
Dolphins, Cetaceans, Animal Therapy & Communicators & Animal Hell
Dolphin Saves Stuck Whales, Guides Them Back to Sea (3/12/08)

Whale song reveals sophisticated language skills (3/23/06)

Whales Found to Speak in Dialects (1/3/06)

Dolphins, Therapy and Autism

Voice of the Dolphin: Vol. 2 No. 1 Low Frequency Active Sonar, the Whales, and the Navy (3/17/98)
Farm to Fridge.pdf

45 Days in Hell: The Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken

The Slaughter House Life of a Pig On Its Way to Your Plate

Woman Lauds White Rats As Pets

More Animal Links...
Characteristics of Men Who Perpetrate Intimate Partner Violence (5/2014)

Aaron Alexis Heard Voices: Navy Yard Shooter Was Treated For Mental Health Issues, Officials Say
More Demons & Attachments...
Human / Computer Symbiosis
The Real Cyborgs Nine real technologies that will soon be inside you
Wright's Lake Report Submitted 9/12/06

Scary UFO Story Ties Saucers to Bigfoot
Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life: The Story Of Sub-Humans On Five Continents From The Early Ice Age Until Today
Black Hat, Day 1: Cracking GSM and skimming ATMs (2/20/08) Study rejects Internet sex predator stereotype (2/19/08)

More Security Links...
Hidden History
Flying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind's Reptilian Past More Hidden History Links...

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Predictors of smoking abstinence following a single-session restructuring intervention with self-hypnosis.

Meditation, hypnosis can relieve pain and insomnia panel s

Modulation of gastric acid secretion by hypnosis

Hypnotic alteration of somatosensory perception

New uses of hypnosis in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder

Dissociation and hypnotizability in posttraumatic stress disorder American Journal of Psychiatry

How to Make Your Own Self-Hypnosis, Positive Affirmations, Tapes by Mike Beaver

Pediatric Hypnotherapy

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Sheila Chandra has a song entitled, "Ever So Lonely." It replaced Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" as my favorite song. The song is so beautiful to the ears, and soul, that I can listen to it over and over in a loop all day and not tire of it.

Pete Seeger

Gary McKinnon

Free Gary McKinnon
Listen To Gary Speak


50 Years of Ghost Hunting and Research With the Warrens

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BINA48 is "...the world's most sentient robot." (wiki)

Talking to Machines

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A Place Called Earth.pps

West Texas Swimming Holes & Kayaking

Barton Springs Pool (Google Map) (wiki

Wimberley's Blue Hole

Bergheim Campground & River Outfitter (Guadalupe River near Boerne)

Cool, clear water



No time for blinking. -FPV (drone racing)

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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

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